Sky Cloth Sho Omega
Sho is one of the three original Steel Saints and now considered a legendary Steel Saint in the era of Omega.


As Kiki repairs the Cloths of the Bronze Saints, the Class 2-Pallasite Dione attacks, attempting to take everyone down. However, before they can charge at the Saints, three bright lights crashes down on the ground, revealing Sho, Ushio and Daichi as they return to the battlefield once more. Fending off Dione and the footsoldiers, they eventually witness Kiki arriving to fight himself, and easily defeats the Class 2-Pallasite. Before the Bronze Saints leave, they thank the Steel Saints for their support, making their final appearance as they say goodbye to the new generation of Bronze Saints.


Sho still wears the Sky Cloth that represents a small jet plane or air glider. The Cloth has a powerful color of red, the shoulderplates carry a more white color, and the beak on his helmet has a light blue color.


Steel Hurricane: Sho joins with Ushio and Daichi as the three of them form a massive hurricane, running at full speed, damaging their opponent. Unlike the last time they used it together, Sho also joins in the hurricane this time, sending dozens of footsoldiers away.

Cosmo absorption: Sho's Cloth allows him to drain the Cosmo from his opponents attacks and return them back to it's owner while adding his own power to the attack as well.