Sky Cloth Sho

Sky Cloth Sho is one of the Steel Saints that was recruited to use one of the three Steel Cloths that were created by professor Asamori in order to assist Seiya and his friends.


He makes his first appearance as he and his fellow Steel Saints Ushio and Daichi rescue Athena and the Bronze Saints from Babel's merciless flame-barrage, allowing Hyoga to strike and defeat the Silver Saint at last. After the battle between Shiryu and Argol, the Steel Saints revealed more about themselves and their Cloths, as well as assuring them they would help as much as they could. Sho would later arrive to inform Seiya of the Sagittarius Gold Cloth's mask disappeared after helping the Bronze Saint defeat Arachne. The Steel Saints' last appearance is when Seiya and his friends make way for the Sanctuary, and they prepare to take them there by flight.


Sho wears the Sky Cloth that represents a small jet plane or air glider. The Cloth has a powerful color of red, the shoulderplates carry a more white color, and the beak on his helmet has a light blue color.


Steel Hurricane: Sho joins with Ushio and Daichi as the three of them form a massive hurricane, running at full speed, damaging their opponent. Only Ushio and Daichi used it during the battle against Babel.

Cosmo absorption: Sho's Cloth allows him to drain the Cosmo from his opponents attacks and return them back to it's owner while adding his own power to the attack as well.