The Sagittarius Cloth is one of the 12 Gold Cloths worn by the most powerful of Athena's Saints. Covering the most of the body, they have the most resistance to damage and freezes at -273.15 degress, the Absolute Zero according to Camus.

Original Cloth

In the era of Omega, this is Seiya's Cloth since he has become a Legendary Saint and the new Sagittarius Gold Saint successing Aioros. It covers most of his body, with golden wings at his back. In addition, a white fabric scarf is also worn.



During the final battle against Abzu, Koga borrow Seiya's Cloth as his own Pegasus Cloth have been shattered. By the time he equips the Cloth, the bracer on his left arm and the left wing are already destroyed, leaving small cracks in the left shoulder, while the scarf draped around the Cloth is almost gone.

The Cloth meet its near demise in the final battle, leaving only a little bit of the leg armor, almost all of the chest protection gone, and the gloves on Koga's hands, with Koga's right arm covered in his friends' Cosmo.

New Cloth

The New Sagittarius Gold Cloth covers more of Seiya's body than his original Gold Cloth, while his fabric scarf is removed and his wings increase in size. Several inlays are also added to the Cloth this time and the blue gems at his knees, chest and headgear remain.

During his battle against Titan, Seiya removes the scarf and burns his Cosmo to the ultimate limit, which allows his Cloth reborn by the blood of Athena to become a New Gold Cloth, granting him the strength to equal Titan's massive Cosmo.

However, the Cloth meets its demise during the final clash against Saturn as he sacrifice it in order to get close to the god of time so he can stab him with the golden dagger.

With this Cloth, Seiya's powers increase massively enough to possibly be able to equal the power of the Omega Saints, if not even surpassing them.