Sagitta Ptolemy
Ptolemy is the Sagitta Silver Saint sent by the Pope to greet Athena and the Bronze Saints. He is also the Saint responsible for the Bronze Saints' rush through the twelve Houses in twelve hours in order to rescue Athena, as well as the last Silver Saint to be defeated in the series.


Ptolemy has dark-grey hair, black eyes and a white outfit visible while wearing his Cloth.

As he introduce himself to Saori and the Bronze Saints, Ptolemy briefly wears a green cloak and an iron mask to hide his identity.


Ptolemy first appears as a friendly guide, informing Athena and the Bronze Sainst about the twelve Houses and who guards them. As he reveals his identity, he reveals a cruel man willing to kill his own goddess in order to please the Grand Pope.

Sanctuary Arc.

Facing a lethal blow from Seiya as retaliation for shooting at them with the "Phantom Arrow", Ptolemy explains that in order to save Athena from the golden arrow he shot her with, they have to pass through the twelve Houses in twelve hours. But it will not be easy, as each of the Houses is guarded by a Gold Saint, the most powerful warriors serving Athena. He also taunts the Bronze Saints that they will never be able to reach the Pope in twelve hours, and that Athena will die. He then succumbs to his wounds and dies.