Phoenix Ikki

Ikki is the Phoenix Saint considered the strongest among his fellow Bronze Saints.

He serves as the series first antagonist that Seiya and the others have to face, before later becoming their most powerful ally and friend.

His training place is different than the others, having went to Death Queen Island instead of Shun.


Ikki has dark blue hair and eyebrows, blue eyes and a scar between his eyes, earned from his training at Death Queen Island.

Whenever he does not wear his Cloth, Ikki wears red pants, a blue shirt with rolled up sleeves and black shoes.

His usual attire is replaced by a dark blue outfit when he equips his Cloth.


Unlike his brother Shun who is a merciful Saint, Ikki is a brutal, cold and harsh person who have no problem striking a female if he has to. He dislikes teamwork and prefers to be on his own.

His training at Death Queen Island taught him to hate everything in the world.

However, despite being trained to cast all love aside, he still has love for his friends and Athena, as he bravely fights alongside them, appearing to aid them if the enemy is to strong, often surprising his opponents when they meet/fight him.

Galaxian Wars


He appears shortly after Shun and Jabu's battle, where he berates Shun for being a crybaby when he realize Ikki's identity before attacking Shun with a lethal kick. Confronting Tatsumi and Saori, he informs everyone that he has returned to claim his revenge.


Just then, Nachi interrupts the Phoenix, challenging him as they are the next contestants in the Galaxian Wars. Annoyed as the announcer prepares the arena, Ikki states that he has not arrived for the stupid tournament, but to eliminate all the Saints.

Confronting the Wolf, Ikki simply shoots a strange beam from his finger which seem to paralyze Nachi. However, the attack makes Nachi see illusions of a gigantic fist crushing him, and he is defeated in a single blow.

Challenging Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun, Ikki steals the Gold Cloth along with several Black Saints wearing the same Cloth as him.

Black Saints


Being confronted by Hyoga after Black Cygnus' death, the two Bronze Saints clash, with Hyoga's efforts proving useless against the Phoenix who easily reflects the Diamond Dust, before retaliating with his Phoenix Genma Ken, which twists Hyoga's memories of his mother.

Striking back in anger with his Aurora Thunder Attack, the Cygnus is shocked to see Ikki's Cloth lying on the ground but Ikki missing.

When the Bronze Saint appears behind him, Hyoga is unable to react in time as Ikki punches straight through his Cloth and into his heart.

However, Hyoga manages to freeze Ikki's hand before collapsing to his injuries.


Later, as Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun reunite and surround Ikki, they are unsuccesful in having the Phoenix surrender. When Shun pleads with his brother, Ikki instead prepares to kill him first, only to be interrupted by Hyoga who challenge Ikki into using the Phoenix Gen Ma Ken once more.

Accepting his challenge, Ikki charges as the Cygnus succesfully reflect the attack with his Diamond Dust, creating a shield of ice.

Facing his own hell, Ikki is betrayed by the Black Saints who attack him instead of following his orders. Recovering from the Phoenix Genma Ken, Ikki strikes Hyoga again, noticing the rosary which protected him the last time.


Fighting for real, Ikki unleash his Hô Yoku Tenshô which knocks all four Bronze Saints unconscious. However, when Ikki prepares to claim the Gold Cloth, he notice the Cloth assembled in one piece before being confronted by Seiya who managed to withstand the Hô Yoku Tenshô due to the Gold Cloth protecting him.

Being confronted by Seiya, Ikki is overpowered by the Pegasus, who shatters his Cloth in the proccess.

However, the Cloth suddenly revives itself and covers Ikki once more, much to Ikki's surprise and confidence. Stating that the Phoenix increases in power after each revival, he easily deflects Seiya's Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, remarking that a move will not work twice, now that the Phoenix has been reborn stronger than before.

Attempting to finish the battle, Ikki charges at Seiya but in a sudden moment, Shiryu's shield attach itself to Seiya's left arm, effectively blocking Ikki's attack. Moments later, Shun's square chain wraps itself around Seiya's right arm, much to Ikki's shock.

Engaging the Phoenix with the power of his friends, Seiya is finally able to overpower Ikki due to his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken being combined with Hyoga's Diamond Dust.


When Seiya manages to finally defeat Ikki, he reveals that something is happening in the Sanctuary. Just then, Docrates attacks the Bronze Saints, Ikki almost fall down the mountain as it splits, but Shun grabs the Phoenix and laments that he does not wish to lose his brother again.

After embracing for a brief moment, Ikki attacks Docrates with the Hô Yoku Tenshô and sacrifices himself in order to take down Docrates, much to Shun's horror.


After Docrates' defeat, the Pope sends several assassins to kill the Bronze Saints and retrieve the Gold Cloth.

Flame Saint

During Shun's battle against the Flame Saint, the Bronze Saint is engulfed in his flames, facing defeat and certain death.

Just then, a powerful Cosmo reacts to the flames, revealing Ikki who has revived from the flames as he rescues Shun.

Engaging the Flame Saint in Shun's place, Ikki easily deflects the Saint's Fire Screw before launching his Phoenix Genma Ken, sending the Flame Saint to his death as he fall down the mountains.

The Silver Saints

Upon learning of Saori's revelation as Athena, Ikki attempts to fight Babel despite not having his Cloth nearby. When three mysterious warrior immobilize the Silver Saint's flames and Hyoga achieves victory, Ikki wonders if they might be enemies. After Shiryu's victory against Argol at the cost of his eyesight, Ikki decides to leave the drama behind and abandons the group. However, he makes this decision in order to confuse the Sanctuary.


Shortly after Capella and Dante's victory against Hyoga and Shun, Ikki arrives in order to defend Athena in spite of stating he will not return to work with the others and that he simply happened to be in the neighborhood.

Creating a large line between him and the two Silver Saints, he taunts them that if they attempt to cross it, they will die. When Ikki carries Seiya in order to bring him to safety along with Saori, Capella charges at them, prompting the Bronze Saint to retaliate with a blow to the head, knocking out the Silver Saint.


Engaging Dante next, the Silver Saint attempts to force him across the line of death, only for the Bronze Saint to jump to the other side without problem, stating he has already been to hell before.

When the two Saints exchange blows, Ikki impress Dante by grabbing his chains with one hand before returning it. Unleashing his steel chain once more, Ikki destroys all the chains restraining him and unleash his Hô Yoku Tenshô against the Silver Saint, defeating him.


Once more preparing to leave, Capella throws his Saucer at Ikki, which behead him. He still moves against Capella, to the Silver Saint's horror and he throws another Saucer that cut of Ikki's hand. Attempting to have it returned, the Saucer instead slice Capella's hands, which leaves him confused.

When Ikki reveals the later effects from the Phoenix Genma Ken, Capella's original saucer returns directly to the Silver Saint's chest, killing him.

Shortly after, Dante once more attack Ikki but is interrupted when Shun and Hyoga finally reach the top of the mountain again. Simply breaking Dante's chain, Ikki leaves and entrust Shun and Hyoga to deal with the rest, mocking Dante as he leaves, while the Silver Saint is killed by Shun who overpowers him with the Nebula Chain.

Black Phoenix

He later travels to Death Queen Island on his own to accept the challenge of Jango, who has taken command over Death Queen Island.

Arriving at the place for the challenge, he is confronted by both Jango and then Black Phoenix who overpowers him as Ikki is unable to equip his Cloth in time, facing close death.

However, Esmeralda encourage Ikki to burn his Cosmo and not give up, and the Phoenix equip his Cloth before making short work of the Black Phoenix with his Hô Yoku Tenshô.


While Seiya, Shun and Hyoga arrives to deal with the Black Saints, Ikki engage Jango who release the Death Queen Island Fire at the Phoenix. However, he simply laughs of the attack, as the Phoenix is a flaming bird, before retaliating with the Phoenix Genma Ken, which sends Jango to his death.

The battle of the twelve Houses

When Seiya and his friends arrive at the Sanctuary in order to battle the Grand Pope and his Gold Saints, Ikki encourage Shun to not give up and saves his life briefly before returning to rest in order to restore his Phoenix Cloth at the volcano on Kanon Island.

The Bronze Saints manage to pass through several of the Houses until they arrive at the House of Virgo, where they are defeated by Shaka.


Before Ikki is able to join the others and rescue them, he is ambushed by several soldiers from Sanctuary. Challenging the Phoenix, they are easily defeated before revealing that they were simply sent to find him. Just then, Silver Saints Shiva and Agora arrive at the order of their mentor, the Gold Saint Shaka.

While Agora sits down to meditate, Ikki is engaged by Shiva's Senju Kami Onken, while being paralyzed and unable to move. Wondering what is going on, Ikki is unable to move and thus faces certain defeat. Just then, Erene intervines and begs the Saints to revive her grandfather who died earlier after being brutally beaten by the soldiers of Sanctuary.

Retaliating, Ikki unleash his Phoenix Genma Ken against Shiva and seemingly wins the battle. However, Shiva laughs off the attack, stating that he has been trained by Shaka to overcome his fears, thus rendering the Phoenix Genma Ken useless.


Agora, tired of Shiva torturing Ikki, steps in to finish him off quickly with his Renge Bakusei Ken, knocking Ikki unconscious and to the edge of a volcano, where Erene is clinging for her life. Grabbing her hand in time, he manages to rescue her before once more engaging the two Silver Saints, only to be overpowered once more as they combine their attacks.


Suddenly, Ikki's restrain is neutralized and Athena's voice finally reach Ikki, encouraging him to fight back and wound the Silver Saints for the first time. Succesfully blocking Shiva's Senju Kami Onken and Agora's Rengei Bakusei Ken, Ikki attempts to retaliate by finishing the battle, only for the two Silver Saints to combine their attacks and restrains Ikki's movements.

Almost facing defeat, Ikki manages to break free after hearing Athena and his friends' voices, surprising Shiva and Agora. Burning his Cosmo, Ikki unleash his Hô Yoku Tenshô, finally killing both Silver Saints at once, before leaving with Erene.

House of Virgo


After Seiya, Shiryu and Shun's defeats against Shaka at the House of Virgo, the Gold Saint attempt to eliminate Shun who is still conscious after Shaka's Tenma Kõfuku. However, just then a phoenix feather slice Shaka's finger, inflicting a little cut which cause him to bleed.

As he notice the feather, Ikki arrives at the House and challenges the Gold Saint. Informing the Bronze Saint that he is the one who restrained him during his confrontation against Agora and Shiva, blood drips from Shaka's finger, suddenly turning into a large ocean of blood, surprising Ikki. Burning his Cosmo, the Bronze Saint succesfully vaporize the ocean before stating that he will not be defeated by something as foolish as that.

Before he can retaliate, Shaka unleash his Cosmo and attack the Phoenix with the Rikudõ Rinne, defeating him. Ikki suddenly surprise Shaka by springing back to his feet and retaliating with his Phoenix Genma Ken. However, Shaka is unaffected by the blow, stating that he is almost equal to god himself and thus cannot go to hell.

Once more being overpowered by the Gold Saint, Ikki is forced to witness a younger version of himself carrying a baby Shun. As Shaka talks to Ikki about letting go of Shun, Ikki refuses and keeps moving forward, further wounding his feet on the sharp rocks. Ikki suddenly snaps out of it, only for Shaka to destroy his Phoenix Cloth.

Horrified at his Cloth being destroyed, Ikki is vaporized by Shaka's next attack. However, he revievs along with the Phoenix Cloth and unleash his Hô Yoku Tenshô against the Gold Saint, but to no avail as Shaka easily deflect the attack. Once more unleashing it, Ikki is shocked as Shaka simply evades the technique this time.

Being overpowered by Shaka, the Bronze Saint faces Tenbu Hõrin when Shaka opens his eyes, which once again removes Ikki's Cloth and restrain his movements. As Ikki questions Shaka's loyalty due to his massive strength, Shaka removes Ikki's senses one by one, starting with the ability to talk. After he finish off Ikki's fifth sense, Shun interferes and challenge Shaka again, having regained consciousness.

Ikki instead demand Shun release his chains, stating that he will defeat Shaka no matter what, surprising Shaka as he is unable to move. Launching another attack, the Gold Saint is horrified to instead notice Ikki's Cosmo reflecting his own attacks. Attacking with his Tenbu Hõrin once again, Shaka eliminates Ikki's sixth sense as well, leaving him completely defeated.

However, Ikki once more burns his Cosmo and awakens his Seventh Sense, revealing that if he had not allowed Shaka to remove all his senses, he would have no chance at surpassing the man considered closest to the gods.

Surpassing Shaka's Cosmo, Ikki grabs the Gold Saint from behind, sacrificing himself in order to send them both away from the House.

Grand Pope Chamber


He is later brought back by Shaka aided by Mu. Restoring the Phoenix Cloth, Shaka finally allows Ikki to pass through the House while revealing that Ikki's determination moved him and thus he have a change of loyalty.

Reaching the chamber of the Grand Pope, he arrives just in time to prevent Saga from dealing the final blow against Seiya who have finally reached the Pope. Standing in Saga's way in order to allow Seiya passage to the statue of Athena, Ikki challenge Saga to an uneven match as Saga is faster and stronger than him.

Being attacked by Saga's Another Dimension, Ikki survives due to the powers of the Phoenix and succesfully gives Saga a beating with the Hô Yoku Tenshô. The Gold Saint, enraged at being restrained by a mere Bronze Saint, creates massive damage in the room, catching Ikki off guard.

As Ikki attempts to charge at Saga, the Gold Saint easily punch Ikki in the chest, sending him falling among the ruins of the Grand Pope's chamber before pursuing Seiya.

Statue of Athena


Once again, Ikki arrives just in time to prevent Saga from eliminating Seiya who just reached the shield and managed to save Athena.

Engaging the Gold Saint once again, Ikki is easily defeated this time as his Hô Yoku Tenshô is useless against Saga who have already seen the technique.

Being unable to fight back against Saga's speed, Ikki's senses are removed and his Cloth face complete destruction from the Gold Saint.

When Athena, the Gold Saints and the other Bronze Saints arrive, Ikki joins Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun in burning their Cosmo, transferring it to Seiya who finally manages to destroy Saga's evil side before all five Bronze Saints collapse to exhaustion.


After the battle against the Gold Saints, with Ikki's Cloth shattered, and in need of repairs, his Cloth is resurrected by the blood of Shaka and have received the endurance of a Gold Cloth.


After Seiya manages to defeat Thor, the Bronze Saints split up in order to find the God Warriors and retrieve their Odin Sapphires which will allow them to use the Balmung Sword in order to destroy the Nibelungen Ring.

Ikki arrives just in time to rescue Shun from certain death at the hands of the God Warrior Mime. The God Warrior then states that if not for his interference, Shun would have died a peaceful death.

Enraged at the God Warrior for taunting his little brother, Ikki engage Mime in battle, evading his lightspeed blows due to having an earlier experience of it during his battle against Saga. Evading several more blows from Mime, Ikki finds himself at the edge of a mountain, and the God Warrior splits himself, creating several copies of himself, before sending another wave of blows at the Phoenix, seemingly eliminating him as phoenix feathers fly in the air.

To Mime's surprise, Ikki survives the blast and engage the God Warrior from above, hitting only the ground as Mime evades in the last second before being engaged by the Phoenix's second blow which Mime grabs.

While Ikki is sent to the ground, Mime observes his hand and notice a wound after Ikki's attack. Stating that this is the first time he has ever fought someone like him, Ikki responds that he feels the same.

Charging once again, Ikki's fist is stopped by one of Mime's strings before being thrown into a large wall. Standing up, Ikki is attacked by another wave of lightspeed blows, but due to the blows being much faster he finds himself unable to evade the attack and is knocked down.

As he once more stands up, Ikki reveal that he sees Mime's intentions in his eyes before retaliating with his Phoenix Genma Ken. When Mime reach the end of Ikki's Phoenix Genma Ken, he snaps in rage when Ikki berates the God Warrior.

Revealing a desire to kill his opponent for the first time, he viciously engage Ikki with dozens of lightspeed blows, wounding the Phoenix.

While Ikki keeps berating Mime for his actions of killing his adoptive father when he was younger, the God Warrior unleash once again a wave of lightspeed blows, which the Bronze Saint succesfully evade before landing a kick on Mime.

Clashing with their Cosmo, they are both knocked back by the impact of their fists and Mime is angered when Ikki refuses to stand down.

Having had enough, Mime unleash his Stringer Requiem and restrains Ikki's movements completely. Swearing to kill him, the strings continues tightening their grip which cut Ikki's body.

When Shun tries to interfere with his chains, Ikki demands he release them before awakening his Seventh Sense, breaking free from the Stringer Requiem while breaking his Cloth.

Appearing behind Mime wounded and without his Cloth, Ikki finally unleash his Hô Yoku Tenshô which wounds Mime and destroys the God Warrior's harp.

After Mime stands up, he suddenly removes his God Robe and decides to end the fight with Ikki on equal terms in order to see which one of them speaks the truth.

Engaging in a final clash, Ikki is further wounded by Mime's last attack, while the God Warrior congratulates Ikki and apologize to both him and Shun before dying of his wounds. Shortly after, Ikki collapse as well due to his wounds.


Ikki returns to Shun and Shaina's aid at the Valhalla Palace shortly after Shun managed to defeat Syd only to be defeated by Bud. Engaging the Shadow God Warrior, Ikki is able to deflect Bud's first attack, impressing the Shadow God Warrior before they clash once again, with Ikki knocking off Bud's headgear while suffering the impact from his lightspeed fist.

While he recovers, he notice that Bud and Syd have the same appearance, with the Shadow God Warrior revealing him and Syd being twin brothers. As they continue their battle, Bud taunts his deceased brother stating that he was defeated by a Bronze Saint. Ikki, disgusted at Bud's behavior against his own brother, swears to defeat the Shadow God Warrior in the name of justice.

Unleashing dozens of attacks, Ikki is unable to hit Bud who retaliates with the Shadow Viking Tiger Claw, grievously wounding the Phoenix. Viciously attacking Ikki while berating him, Bud later tells the Saints his story from when he was born and how he became the Shadow God Warrior. Stating that now Syd has died, Bud has become a true God Warrior, thus making Syd's Odin Sapphire his to protect.

Tired of Bud's vicious attitude and personality, Ikki burns his Cosmo in true anger, succesfully reflecting Bud's lightspeed blow, impressing the Shadow God Warrior while being grievously wounded.

Despite launching a powerful Hô Yoku Tenshô, Ikki is unable to equal Bud's Shadow Viking Tiger Claw, and Ikki's headgear is knocked off while Ikki once again is knocked out by the Shadow God Warrior.

As he once again recovers, he attempt to attack Bud along with Shun who also recovered. But both Bronze Saints' attacks are deflected before suffering defeat. When Bud once again assaults Ikki with dozens of vicious blows again, Ikki retaliates with the Phoenix Genma Ken.

After Bud's experience of the Phoenix Genma Ken, Ikki asks the Shadow God Warrior why he then intervened between Shun and Syd's fight, if what he wanted to be the God Warrior instead of Syd.

When Bud replies with doing it as his duty as Shadow God Warrior, Ikki replies that he in fact did it because he still loved his brother, despite their childhood where Bud was abandoned. Furious, Bud launch another lightspeed blow at the Bronze Saint, who easily deflects it before sinking to his knees.

To Bud's horror, Ikki burns his Cosmo to the limit and finally awakens the Seventh Sense. Engaging the Shadow God Warrior in a final clash, Ikki is finally victorius when he overpowers the Shadow Viking Tiger Claw with his Hô Yoku Tenshô, shattering Bud's left pauldron and bracer, damaging his cloak as well.

However, just then, Syd manages to stand up and grabs Ikki from behind, restraining him. Watching Bud struggling to strike as it will kill Syd as well, Ikki states that if he is going to attack, he should do it. However, Bud is unable and Syd dies.

After lamenting about why he hated his brother so much, Bud picks up Syd's body and apologize to Ikki before leaving the Valhalla Palace.


Resuming their journey, Ikki and Shun rendezvous with a wounded Hyoga, enocuraging him to stand up and grab Ikki's hand. Carrying their comrade, they finally reach the statue of Odin where Seiya has just been defeated by the last God Warrior, Siegfried.

Entrusting Shun to take care of Hyoga, Ikki engage the God Warrior in unequal combat, being unable to match Siegfried in speed and power, facing several lightspeed blows while resuming the battle.

Stating that neither he or his friends gave up during their battle in the twelve Houses, Ikki once more engage Siegfried but faces a crushing defeat when the God Warrior states that the battle of the twelve Houses is nothing compared to the battle they began in Asgard.


After Siegfried's defeat at the hands of Seiya and later his death while sacrificing himself to defeat Sorrento, Seiya moves onward to the statue of Odin, and the other Bronze Saints shield Seiya from Hilda's merciless attacks.

When Hilda throws her spear at Seiya, Ikki steps between and receives the spear into his stomach, shocking Hilda before collapsing due to his wounds later.


After Hilda's defeat and the destruction of the Nibelungen Ring, the Saints make their way back to Athena, where they find their Goddess unconscious, and they are joyful when they see her standing up, still alive. Although they have a brief moment of reunion, a large wave suddenly strikes the Saints, and as they recover, they notice Athena is gone.

Antarctic Mammoth Pillar


When Shun arrives at the Antarctic Mammoth Pillar, he at first notice both Seiya and Hyoga defeated and wounded. Just then, he hears a familiar voice and feels a powerful presence.

Turning around, he is happy to see that Ikki has arrived as well to aid them. However, the chains react to Ikki's presence, and the Phoenix suddenly attack Shun who manages to fend of Ikki's strange attack, asking him why he's doing this.

Stepping back, Ikki applauds Shun for being able to see through the illusion, before revealing himself as the Marina General Kaasa.


Shortly after Shun's defeat as the General once again imitates Ikki in order to have Shun lower his defenses, the real Ikki arrives at the Mammoth Pillar and engages him, saving Shun.

Striking with his Phoenix Genma Ken, he succesfully cause Kaasa to freak out due to the illusion of facing himself.

While Kaasa recovers from the illusion, Ikki unleash dozens of vicious blows at the General, avenging Seiya and Hyoga's defeats before truly beating Kaasa for using Shun's happiest memory against him.

When the General unleash his Salamander Shock, Ikki easily deflects the attack before grievously wounding him with the Hô Yoku Tenshô, damaging the Kaasa's Scale in the proccess.

When the General decides to use the memory of Shun in order for him to lower his defenses, Kaasa is instead shocked when Ikki still ruptures his chest, stating boldly that the real Shun is the one lying on the ground.

While Kaasa dies of his wounds, he realizes that deep inside Ikki's heart is a happy memory of Esmeralda. Shortly after Kaasa's death, Ikki is left wondering what would be the outcome of the battle had Kaasa used the memory of Esmeralda from the beginning.

Just then, Kiki arrives with the Libra Cloth and after using Shinoten on his comrades, Ikki uses the spear to destroy the Mammoth Pillar. Returning the spear to Kiki, Ikki states he will not keep destroying Pillars with the others, deciding to go directly for Poseidon and defeat him.

Sea Dragon

During his journey, Ikki encounters Sea Dragon who paralyze the Bronze Saint with his massive Cosmo, leaving Ikki to wonder whose Cosmo it is, remembering that he has felt it before. Suddenly, the General attack him with the Galaxian Explosion, shattering his headgear and knocking him down the stairs.

While he recognize the blow as one of Saga's techniques, Ikki demands that Sea Dragon reveal himself. Removing his helmet, Sea Dragon reveals an appearance similar to Saga, horrifying Ikki who is sure that Saga died during the battle of the twelve Houses.

Correcting the Bronze Saint, Sea Dragon reveals himself as Saga's younger brother Kanon and the Gemini Gold Saint. He explains that whereas Saga struggles between his good personality and his evil one, Kanon is only evil.

Ending the discussion, Kanon attacks Ikki with the Golden Triangle, sending Ikki into hyperspace, similar to Saga's Another Dimension.

North Atlantic Mammoth Pillar

While Seiya engage Poseidon with the Sagittarius Cloth, Kanon shouts out in panic that if they further anger Poseidon and awaken him, his ambitions will fail.

Just then, a familiar voice ask Kanon what plan he is talking about, revealing himself as Ikki having survived the Golden Triangle. Stating that Kanon's attack is nothing compared to Saga's Another Dimension, Ikki demand Kanon reveal his evil ambitions.

While exchanging blows, Kanon is forced to reveal (after being struck by the Phoenix Genma Ken) that if the Bronze Saints wish to have any hope in sealing Poseidon, they must retrieve Athena's amphora which is inside the Main Breadwinner, laughing as no one can destroy the Main Breadwinner.

At that moment, Sorrento arrives with Kiki in order to allow Ikki the chance to destroy the final Mammoth Pillar. Grabbing the shield, Ikki charge at the final Mammoth Pillar, destroying it.

Furious at the Phoenix for his plans having failed after 13 years of planning, Kanon swears to kill him but Ikki refuse to retaliate. Simply leaving instead, he states that he has no time to waste on someone like him.

Kanon, angered by Ikki's words, charge after the Bronze Saint only for Sorrento to stand in his way instead.


While Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga desperately attempt to destroy the Main Breadwinner, Poseidon emerge behind them fully awoken. Before he can deal the final blow, Ikki appears behind and restrains the sea god, urging his friends to hurry up as he will not be able to hold Poseidon for very long.

Using their tecnhiques, Shiryu and Hyoga send Seiya directly at the Main Breadwinner, while Ikki is taken down by Poseidon. Seconds before facing the final blow, Shun arrives and protects Ikki but they are both defeated as Poseidon increase his Cosmo.

Burning his Cosmo to the Seventh Sense, Ikki, along with Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun all transfer their Cosmo to Seiya who finally destroys the Main Breadwinner. Now rescued by her Saints, Athena seals Poseidon at last before sending herself and all the Saints back home to Earth.



Ikki appears at the Sanctuary, confronting Shiryu who have arrived at the Sanctuary as well, despite having no vision. When the two Bronze Saints clash briefly, Ikki states that he has no intention of allying himself with anyone and leaves the Sanctuary.

As Shiryu questions the Phoenix, he simply replies that if he want to be a fool and play hero, it will be his own downfall, mentioning that another fool has also entered the Sanctuary, referring to Seiya.

After Athena's death, Ikki is holding a bunch of sand in his hand before throwing it away, feeling the death of his goddess.


During Kanon's confrontation against Rhadamanthys, the two Judges Minos and Aiacos arrives as well. When Aiacos engage Kanon first, he easily takes down the Gold Saint with his Galacita Illusion, before Minos proceeds to kill the Gold Saint with his Cosmic Marionetion. Just then, a powerful Cosmo breaks Minos' strings, shocking the three Judges.

The owner of the powerful Cosmo later reveal himself as Ikki, having arrived to help Kanon. When Kanon mentions Shun having been possessed by Hades, Ikki is told that Pandora is watching over him.

This triggers a memory Ikki had almost forgotten as he remembers from when he was a young boy, when a little girl tried to take Shun from him when he was an infant, stating that Shun was her little brother. While he wonders why Shun would allow himself to be possessed by Hades, Aiacos strikes him from behind, horrifying Kanon.

Standing up, Ikki cries and laments that Shun has prepared himself for death, as a true Andromeda Saint. Swearing to rescue his brother no matter what with the wings of the Phoenix, Ikki burns his Cosmo and challenges the three Judges. Asking which one of them who wants to die first, he is engaged by Aiacos whose helmet he had knocked off earlier.

Mocking the Judge for being angry at his helmet being knocked off, Ikki charges at Aiacos but is easily defeated as he is unable to match the Specter's immense speed. Aiacos then proceeds to eliminate him with the Garuda Flap, but Ikki manages to survive the technique.

Attacking with the same technique once more, Aiacos is suddenly struck in the back as Ikki reveals a technique does not work twice against a Saint. Preparing to challenge the next Judge, Minos simply taunts Ikki and ask him if he really thought Aiacos would fall that easily.

Shocked, Ikki is suddenly struck by Aiacos once again who unleash his Galactica Illusion this time, once more gaining the upper hand.

When Aiacos prepares to finish of Kanon, he asks if he really believes he has defeated Ikki yet. Shocked by Kanon's question, he notice Ikki burning his Cosmo, struggling to stand up.

Preparing to finish him off, Aiacos is horrified as Ikki's speed is surpassing his own. Preparing to strike again, he is instead attacked by Ikki's Genma Ken, in which Aiacos is torn to pieces by Ikki turning his Galactica Illusion against him.

As he recovers, he is furious when Ikki states he no longer have the power to defeat him. Refusing to let a Bronze Saint mock one of the three Judges of the underworld, Aiacos charges at the Phoenix.

However, Ikki awakens the Eight Sense and retaliates with the Hô Yoku Tenshô, killing Aiacos and shattering his Surplice.

Preparing himself to face the next Judge, Ikki is suddenly attacked by a strange and powerful Cosmo which sends him directly to Giudecca where he is confronted by Pandora and the god of the underworld Hades, in possession of Shun's body.


As the Phoenix learn from Hades that he has unleashed the Greatest Eclipse which will cover the entire earth in darkness, Hades is unaffected when Ikki launch his Eight Sense powered Hô Yoku Tenshô with no effect.

Their battle is one-sided due to Ikki facing the god of the underworld himself, having no chance of victory against such a powerful opponent.

When Ikki once more attempts to attack Hades, Shun suddenly takes control over the right arm, strangling the god of the underworld, surprising Hades, Pandora and Ikki who sees Shun appearing behind Hades. Urging his brother to deliever the final blow, Ikki acknowledges Shun at the true Andromeda Saint, but is unable to do as Shun says, stopping his blow in the last second.

As Hades reclaim Shun's body, his hair change from a dark red to complete black, similar to Saga's hair changing from blue to grey. Now in complete control, Hades swiftly deals with Ikki, damaging his Cloth and defeating him completely.

Path to Elysium

When all his friends have arrived in Elysium after the Gold Saints' sacrifice to destroy the Wall of Grief, Ikki is informed by Pandora that since his Cloth does not have the blood of Athena, he will be unable to traverse the atmosphere and reach Elysium.

Stating that he still have to go, Ikki recieves Pandora's bracelet in order to enter and join the battle. Before he takes of, he kills the remaining Specters before leaving the rosary with Pandora who have been killed by Thanatos.



Arriving last in Elysium, he fights Thanatos in order to avenge Pandora's death, and is able to split his headgear, only to make the god of death unleash his Terrible Providence, shattering his Cloth.

With all the Bronze Saints defeated, the god of death attacks them once more, destroying their Cloths. Even when the Gold Cloths arrive to aid Seiya and his friends, they are easily destroyed by the god, and they have nothing left to fight back with.

When Seiya manages to defeat Thanatos with his newly achieved God Cloth, he rushes to the graveyard of Hades in order to rescue Athena. Even though Hypnos stands in his way, Seiya simply destroy his robes and headgear, before moving onward.


Ikki desperately try to engage the god of sleep despite having no Cloth to fight with in order to let his friend go ahead, before Shun intervenes by restraining Hypnos' hand with his chains.


Arriving at the graveyard of Hades to aid Seiya, Ikki charge straight at Hades' soul but his Hô Yoku Tenshô is easily reflected by the god. Lamenting that he will be of no use without his Cloth, Ikki accidentally touch Athena's blood and is given his own God Cloth to fight with.

Along with Seiya, the two Saints charge straight at Hades, only for the god of the underworld himself to resurrect and attack the two Saints. Before he can kill Seiya, the timely arrival of Shiryu, Hyoga and Shun, also awoken to their God Cloths, help Seiya and Ikki, although the combined powers of all five Bronze Saints are not enough, and they are easily beaten by Hades.

However, when Seiya sacrifice himself to defend Athena, the other Bronze Saints gather their Cosmo to Athena and they are able to finally destroy the god of the Underworld and claim victory in the Holy War.

As a Legendary Saint

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Powers and Abilities

Speed of Sound

Being a Bronze Saint, Ikki is able to launch attacks at Mach 1, the speed of sound. Ordinary humans are unable to see what just happened, although other Saints of higher rank are able to see it clearly.

Speed of Light

Upon reaching the Seventh Sense and later Eight Sense, Ikki's attacks become so fast that even a Gold Saint is unable to see the attack before it reaches him, thus travelling at 300 000 km/s, maybe even surpassing that speed.


Ikki's Cosmo is full of hatred and anger for his enemies, as well as full of love for his friends and Athena.

He may be considered the strongest among the Bronze Saints in raw power, being able to handle most Silver Saints with ease.

Although Ikki begins his journey as a Bronze Saint, he has been able to fight on the same level as a Gold Saint, due to achieving the Seventh Sense, which he succesfully awakens while fighting against Gold Saint Shaka.

He has also achieved the Eight Sense, allowing him to go to the underworld without being subject to it's laws.

Whenever he burns his Cosmo, Ikki is surrounded by an orange aura.


Phoenix Genma Ken

Ikki deals one blow to the opponents head and it is a physical attack that damages the brain of anyone who is hit by that technique. Ikki mostly uses this technique in order to weaken his opponent, sometimes that is enough to finish off weaker opponents.

Hô Yoku Tenshô

Ikki gathers wind and heat into one single point and unleashes it against his enemies, resembling a phoenix spreading its flaming wings.

This move may be used on multiple opponents at the same time.


  • Ikki is the only Bronze Saint whose Cloth turned gold in color as he sent his Cosmo to Seiya during the final battle, unlike the others who discover that power during their battle against the Marina Generals.
  • How Ikki repaired his Cloth during the battle against Hades is unexplained, as he was still wearing the V2 version when he confronted Shiryu, and by the time he arrived in the underworld, it had evolved to the V3.