The Phoenix Cloth is one of the 48 Bronze Cloths worn by the weakest of Athena's Saints. After suffering harsh training and killing his mentor, Ikki is granted this legendary Cloth.

It is a marvel Cloth because it is the only Cloth that has the ability to repair itself, an ability not even the Gold Cloths have.

Although Ikki may die, the Cloth and his constellation allows him to revive, stronger than before. But in spite of that, his Cloth has also been revived by the blood of the Gold Saints. It has changed shape 3 times.

Version 1

Ikki's first Cloth offers a kilt as protection for his waist, his lower arms are halfway covered by bracers, a helmet protects his head, and a large chestplate covers his upper chest. On the back of the chestplate are three bronze-colored phoenix feathers, reaching down to his feet.

Version 2

The Phoenix Cloth that is resurrected by the Gold Saints' blood offers better duration on his Cloth, and it covers slightly the same amount of his body, although the kilt has been replaced by a belt, and his helmet has been replaced by a headgear. The phoenix feathers on the back of the chestplate receive a purple color.

His new Phoenix Cloth have the durability of a Gold Cloth. Whenever Ikki burns his cosmo to the Seventh Sense, his Cloth glow like a Gold Cloth, enhancing his strength further. As his Cloth turns golden, so does his aura when he burns his Cosmo.

Unlike his comrades, Ikki's Cloth is not damaged and still in fine condition during the Specters' invasion at the Sanctuary.

Version 3

When Ikki arrives to fight Aiacos, he is seen wearing another upgrade of his Cloth. This Cloth offers more protection, with the belt now offering extra protection on the sides of his waist, and the legs cover more of his legs.

The phoenix feathers once more change color, now carrying a more pale bronze color.

When he is about to enter the hyperdimension leading to Elysium, his Cloth sprouts wings.