The Pegasus Cloth is one of the 48 Bronze Cloths worn by the weakest of Athena's Saints. After 7 years of hard training, Seiya is finally awarded the Pegasus Cloth after defeating Cassios.

His Cloth has seen a few changes during his vicious battles in order to defend Athena and the world.

Version 1

Seiya's first Cloth covers most of his legs, a kilt protects his waist, the front part of the chestplate covers his heart, while the his back receives slightly more cover.

His armguards cover half of his lower arms, and a helmet covers his head.

Version 2

Seiya's second Cloth reborn from the blood of the Gold Saints covers less of his legs, now reaching to the knees.

His chestplate fully covers the upper chest now, his back having the same protection as his first Cloth.

His helmet has been replaced by a simple headpiece, the kilt covering his waist is now a simple belt, and the armguards change design but offer the same protection.

His new Pegasus Cloth have the durability of a Gold Cloth. Whenever Seiya burns his cosmo to the Seventh Sense, his Cloth glow like a Gold Cloth, enhancing his strength further. As his Cloth turns golden, so does his aura when he burns his Cosmo.

Version 2 (Damaged)

By the time Seiya arrives at the Sanctuary, he engages a resurrected Deathmask with his Cloth which is severly damaged from the battle against Poseidon, and several cracks are visible all over the Cloth.

After the battle at the House of Virgo, Seiya's Cloth is further damaged, removing most of the left shoulderplate.

Version 3

After being resurrected by the blood of Athena, Seiya's final Cloth covers more of the legs again and his chestplate increases slightly in size.

His headpiece, belt and armguards slightly change in appearance.

While Seiya and Shun try to reach Elysium, Seiya's Cloth sprouts wings that grant him the ability to fly.