Musca Dio
Dio is the Musca Silver Saint and one of the three Silver Saints along with Algethi and Sirius to make sure Aioria kills Seiya and retrieves the Gold Cloth.


Dio has dark-red hair, a very dark green outfit visible while wearing his Cloth, and brown eyes.


Dio is a vengeful saint, interrupting Algethi's attack, as he also wants a piece of Seiya in order to avenge the deaths of Misty and other Silver Saints he defeated.

Sanctuary Arc.

As Aioria spares Seiya, the three Silver Saints reveal themselves and attack Seiya mercilessly, almost killing the Bronze Saint. However, all of a sudden, the Sagittarius Cloth wraps itself around Seiya, and he easily kills all three of them at once before engaging Aioria.


Dead End Fly: Dio attacks his opponent with a powerful and deadly kick. Not much of his techniques is seen, as Sirius interrupts his attack.


Dio wears the Musca Silver Cloth, which has a dark silver color. It also covers the similar amount of his body as the Silver Cloth of Capella.