Land Cloth Daichi Omega
Daichi is one of the three original Steel Saints and now considered a legendary Steel Saint in the era of Omega. During the events of Omega, Daichi has grown into an adult since his time in the original series where he was a little boy.


As Kiki repairs the Cloths of the Bronze Saints, the Class 2-Pallasite Dione attacks, attempting to take everyone down. However, before they can charge at the Saints, three bright lights crashes down on the ground, revealing Sho, Ushio and Daichi as they return to the battlefield once more. Fending off Dione and the footsoldiers, they eventually witness Kiki arriving to fight himself, and easily defeats the Class 2-Pallasite. Before the Bronze Saints leave, they thank the Steel Saints for their support, making their final appearance as they say goodbye to the new generation of Bronze Saints.


Daichi still wears his Steel Cloth that represents a small racing car or a skateboard when not in use and has a color combination of yellow, white and a little bit of red on top of his helmet. More blue tones have also been added to his Cloth now than before. Daichi also carries his orange headband still.


Unlike Sho and Ushio, Daichi does not seem to have a special technique of his own, using the Steel Hurricane along with Sho and Ushio.