Hound Miguel

Hound Miguel is one of the Silver Saints in the 21st Century who has sworn allegiance to Mars. His element is Earth.


Round 1

He is sent along with Johann to defeat the Bronze Saints and they cover Sonia's escape while they fight Souma and Yuna. However, he is forced to watch as Johann demands to fight them alone but is defeated by Yuna after a timely rescue by Yuna. As he prepares to attack them next, Yuna delivers a huge blast of wind, escaping the Silver Saint.

Round 2

He finds them later while in the desert and mercilessly attacks the Bronze Saints. However, after Koga tackles him and Miguel is about to kill him, Shun arrives, scaring Miguel away. However, after Shun's reveal of him being unable to burn his Cosmo, Miguel attack once more before being wounded by Shun and finally defeated by Koga and Ryuho.


As the war against Pallas begins, Miguel is revealed to have survived his supposed death after falling down the ravine when Koga and Ryuho defeated him, and he has re-sworn his allegiance, becoming a true Silver Saint defending Athena and the world from the evil Pallasites.


Ground Fang: Miguel stomps his foot into the ground and launches a huge sharp rock at his opponent, dealing much damage.

Ground Fang Grand Finale: Miguel jumps into the air and launches several sharp-pointed rocks at his opponent. It's true power was never seen as Shun shattered the rocks with his Nebula Chain.

Hound Follow: Miguel jumps into the air and aims a powerful kick directly at his enemy. However, this technique was neutralized by Ryuho and thus, it's powers was never seen.

Surfing: A part of his Element powers allows Miguel to use a flat rock to surf on while tracking his enemies down.