Gold Saints
The Gold Saints are the 12 strongest units among Athena's 88 Saints. They have full mastery over the Cosmo and the 7th sense, allowing them to move at the speed of light. Their Cloths have the power of the sun in them as stated by Dohko.


During the Twelve Temples Battle, they serve as the antagonists the Bronze Saints must defeat in order to reach the Grand Pope, forcing the Bronze Saints to fight hard and tough battles in order to press onward. However, after the defeat of Saga, the remaining Gold Saints revives Seiya and his friends' broken Cloths and becomes their allies and closest friends.


Aldebaran makes a little cameo as he is attacked by Shido and easily defeated, and later tells Marin that he felt another fist as he was actually able to keep up with Shido's speed.


While Seiya and the Bronze Saints fight the Marina Generals, Aioria insist on going to aid them but they have strict orders from the Old Master to remain at Sanctuary and await the Holy War as it was approaching. But the Gold Cloths of Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius leave regardless in order to assist Seiya, Shiryu and Hyoga against Poseidon.


During the Holy War, the Gold Saints play a greater part in the battle. As the seal of Hades breaks, the Gold Saints remain at their temples to defend Athena from any Specter that dares to invade the Sanctuary. They eventually sacrifice themselves at the Wall of Grief in order to allow the Bronze Saints to move onward, entrusting Athena and the world to them.

Soul of GoldEdit

During the new series "Soul of Gold". all 12 Gold Saints find themselves once more revived by an unknown force, and replace the Bronze Saints as the new main characters, with Aioria becoming the main protagonist.

With so many mysterious questions that need answering, the Gold Saints assist Lyfia in defeating Andreas and his 7 God Warriors who plot to control the lands of Asgard.

It is during this series, that the Gold Saints discover their Cloths contain a hidden power never realized before, and they learn that in order to defeat this new and powerful enemy in order to restore peace to the world, they must call upon this new and unknown power.