Docrates is an unranked Saint who is sent to reclaim the Gold Cloth for Pope Ares. He is also the older brother of Cassios, who was humiliated by his defeat against Seiya.


Docrates is a large man talling several feet over Seiya, and has dark blue hair and eyebrows.

His casual outfit has not been seen, but while wearing his Cloth, his attire is replaced by a dark indigo outfit.


Docrates has a bad temper, getting angry really fast, while his body allow him tremendous strength, making him a tough opponent for Seiya and Shun.

He is also determined by revenge for his little brother Cassios who lost to Seiya during the battle for the Pegasus Cloth.



Docrates appears as Ikki finally suffers defeat and the other Bronze Saints prepare to reclaim the Gold Cloth and resume the Galaxian Wars. However, Docrates and his henchmen refuse to allow it, attacking the Bronze Saints. However, Ikki sacrifices himself in order to take down Docrates.


Docrates survives the avalanche, and assaults the Bronze Saints at the Kido Mansion in order to eliminate them and reclaim the mask of the Gold Cloth, no matter the what. He proceeds to kidnap Saori after knocking out Shiryu, Shun and Hyoga, almost fighting Seiya before the police arrive.


When Seiya and Shun arrive at the Galaxian Wars arena, they find Docrates with Saori and Tatsumi hostage. As they exchange the mask for Saori, the henchmen instead run off with Hyoga in pursuit, while Seiya and Shun fight Docrates in a fight that seems to be one-sided for the giant Saint, who easily knocks them down and almost kill Seiya. It is when Hyoga arrives, they finally manage to defeat Docrates, who dies shortly afterwards of his wounds.


Since Docrates is a Saint, he wears a Cloth, which is unknown in both rank and constellation, but it may look like the Hydrus Cloth, as it's covered with Hydra-like eyes. Docrates also wore a white, sleeveless coat upon his first introduction.


Heracles Mou Shou Ken: An immense blow launched from Docrates' two hands. He gathers a large amount of power in his fist, then launches the impact at his opponents, dealing massive damage, as well as creating two large holes where they hit.