Cygnus Hyoga
Hyoga is one of Seiya's friends and the Cygnus Bronze Saint.

He earned his Cloth in the frozen lands of Siberia, even though earning the Cloth was not what he really trained for.

When he was a little boy, a ship he and his mother Narissa was onboard sank in the ocean. While most of the crew managed to escape along with Hyoga, his mother stayed on the ship and drowned.

After 7 years of training, he finally had the strength required in order to dive down to her and see her again.


Hyoga has blonde hair and eyebrows, and blue eyes.

When he does not wear his Cloth, Hyoga wears black pants, a blue t-shirt, orange fur covers at his feet and blue bandages on his arms.

During the battle against Hades, blue bandages are added to his upper arms as well while not wearing his Cloth.

After the battle against Poseidon, Hyoga is wearing white bandages over his left eye, due to an injury inflicted by Isaac.

While wearing his Cloth, Hyoga's attire is replaced by a blue outfit, although this later changes into a white outfit.


Hyoga is a calm person, trying to stay cool and calm in battle at all times.

However, he is also very caring for his friends, and is shown to have feelings.

Behind that cool presence is a gentle soul after all, which is later revealed during his travels with his close friends.

Galaxian Wars

Hearing of Seiya's victory against Geki, Hyoga receives the Cygnus Bronze Cloth and swears that he will be the one to defeat Seiya and earn the Gold Cloth.


When he arrives at the Galaxian Wars, his opponent is Ichi.

Pretending to have Ichi think he's having the upper hand, Hyoga allows the Bronze Saint to lash out with everything he has, not retaliating at all.

However, Ichi suddenly reveals his Cloth's ability to grow fangs which penetrate Hyoga's Cloth.

Simply laughing off the matter, Ichi lands several more punches against the Cygnus, refusing to be made fun of.

Hyoga respond to Ichi that his attacks are so weak, he can't feel anything. However, Ichi regrows the fangs on his Cloth, and once more penetrates Hyoga's Cloth.

Retaliating, Hyoga grabs Ichi's arm and freeze it completely, in order to prevent him from growing fangs from that arm again.

Attacking from the above with a kick, Ichi surprises Hyoga with fangs growing from his knees as well, penetrating Hyoga's headgear. Simply laughing off the matter to Ichi's frustration, Hyoga informs the Hydra that the fangs never penetrated his Cloth, thus never poisoning him as they were meant to.

Finally fighting back with his own Cosmo, Hyoga easily shatters Ichi's Cloth with his Diamond Dust.

Black Saints

As Shun and Jabu's fight end, they notice something strange going on at the place where the Gold Cloth stand. Out from the shadows, a mysterious Bronze Saint appears, revealing himself as Shun's older brother Ikki, who attacks Shun before stealing the Gold Cloth.

Black Cygnus

Arriving in the nick of time in the forest to save Shun, Hyoga encounters his evil counterpart Black Cygnus and easily survives the Black Blizzard technique, before retaliating with his Diamond Dust. However, before he has the chance to finish off his opponent, black chains appear out of nowhere, and the three remaining Black Saint Kings introduce themselves before leaving.

Black Cygnus

Arriving at the Death Valley in order to battle Ikki and retrieve the Gold Cloth parts he has, Hyoga encounters Black Cygnus once again. Taking the Black Blizzard once more, Hyoga paralyze Black Cygnus with the Kolitso, before retaliating with his new technique Aurora Thunder Attack which kills Black Cygnus, who sends his remaining Cosmo to Ikki in order to inform him of Hyoga's powers.


Finding Ikki, the two Bronze Saints clash, with Hyoga's efforts proving useless against the Phoenix who easily reflects the Diamond Dust, before retaliating with his Phoenix Gen Ma Ken, which twists Hyoga's memories of his mother.

Striking back in anger with his Aurora Thunder Attack, the Cygnus is shocked to see Ikki's Cloth lying on the ground but Ikki missing. As the Bronze Saint appears behind him, Hyoga is unable to react in time as Ikki punches straight through his Cloth and into his heart.

However, Hyoga manages to freeze Ikki's hand before collapsing to his injuries, defeated.


After Shiryu, Shun and Seiya arrive, the four Bronze Saints believe they have the advantage against Ikki who is now alone and facing four Saints of the same rank.

Using Diamond Dust, Hyoga succesfully reflects Ikki's Phoenix Gen Ma Ken, making Ikki witness his own hell. As he prepares for the final blow, Shun stops him with his chains, leaving Hyoga open to Ikki's counterattack at the same spot he punched Hyoga earlier.

Noticing the rosary which was given to him by his mother, Ikki realize that the rosary saved Hyoga's life last time before shattering the rope holding the rosary.

Then the Phoenix unleash his Hô Yoku Tenshô which blast all four Saints and knock them unconscious. As Seiya face Ikki once more, Hyoga give Seiya his Cosmo, combining the Diamond Dust with the Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, which finally grants Seiya victory.

When Seiya manages to finally defeat Ikki, the Bronze Saints learn that something evil is happening in the Sanctuary. Just then, Docrates attacks the Bronze Saints, Ikki almost fall down the mountain as it splits, but Shun grabs the Phoenix and laments that he does not wish to lose his brother again.

After the two brothers embrace for a brief moment, Ikki attacks Docrates and sacrifice himself, much to Shun's horror. Swearing to avenge Ikki by reclaiming the Gold Cloth, the Bronze Saints mourn their friend before leaving.


Docrates survives the avalanche however, and makes way to the Kido Mansion where he easily overpowers Shun, Shiryu and Hyoga despite their efforts.

Although Seiya arrives to assist his friends, Docrates retreats with Saori and Tatsumi

The Bronze Saints agree to split up, with Shiryu and Kiki heading to Death Valley to recover the other parts of the Gold Cloth, Hyoga recovering the mask, and Seiya and Shun facing Docrates to save Saori and Tatsumi.

When Hyoga arrives at the Graude Foundation where Seiya and Shun are fighting, he attacks Docrates and freeze his feet before lifting him up which allows Seiya and Shun to finish him off.


After Docrates' defeat, the Pope sends several assassins to kill the Bronze Saints and retrieve the Gold Cloth.

Ghost Saints

When they learn of a large oil tanker at sea having been taken over by a trio of Ghost Saints, the Bronze Saints rush to the tanker to face their new enemy.

They are unsuccesful as the Ghost Saints are able to retreat due to their master Gheist's illusions.

Heading to the Skull Island where the Ghost Saints reside, they are split up as Hyoga exhaust himself from battling Sea Serpent and then being stung by several bugs.

Silver Saints

After several failed attempts to get the Gold Cloth, the Pope sends the Silver Saints to retrieve it and eliminate Seiya and his friends.


Hyoga faces Centaurus Babel right after learning that Saori is Athena as they regroup at the ruined Graude Foundation. However, Hyoga is unable to keep up with the Silver Saint's vicious flames as his coldness is depleting.

All of a sudden, three young warriors wearing strange Cloths arrive at the battlefield, watching the battle before suddenly unleashing the Steel Hurricane which neutralize Babel's flames and leave him open for Hyoga to finally counterattack.

Dealing massive damage with the Diamond Dust, Babel insults him and states that Hyoga is merely a Bronze Saint. Responding that he should not underestimate Bronze Saints that easily, Hyoga finishes the battle with the Aurora Thunder Attack, which finally defeats Babel who dies of his wounds shortly after.

The Bronze Saints and Athena later learn of the three mysterious warriors who are known as Steel Saints, wearing Cloths created by Dr. Asamori.


Arriving in time to save Saori and Seiya from the ambush of Jamian and Shaina after Seiya sacrificed his right arm in the mountains, Shun easily knocks out the already confused Jamian who falls down the mountain to his death.

Shortly after, Shaina engage Shun who is unable to rival her vicious speed. Hyoga steps in and is wounded by her Thunder Claw. After Shun's intervention, Hyoga manages to send her falling down the mountain with his Aurora Thunder Attack.

Capella and Dante

Before they can escort Saori and Seiya to safety, two more Silver Saints reveal themselves as Dante and Capella.

Engaging the Silver Saints in combat, Shun faces Dante while Hyoga struggles against Capella.

As he uses his Saucer, Shun intervenes and breaks off the attack, angering the Silver Saints.

Combining their attacks, they easily defeat the two Bronze Saints before throwing them down the mountainside. They are able to survive however, due to Shun's chains.

By the time they climb up to the edge, they reunite with Ikki who has defeated Capella, and Hyoga witness Shun overpowering Dante and killing him.

The Gold Saints

During Seiya's battle against Aioria in the forest, Hyoga and Shun arrives at the scene, witnessing Seiya wearing the Gold Cloth and also learning that there is more than one Gold Cloth.

Charging at the Gold Saint, they are easily defeated when he unleash a lightspeed blow at the two Bronze Saints.

After Aioria leaves, the Bronze Saints discuss their powers, stating that they will be ready for anything in order to achieve victory against the seemingly invincible Gold Saints.

Finally, the time has come for Athena and her Bronze Saints to go to Sanctuary and defeat the new Pope and save the world from evil.

The battle of the twelve Houses

Hyoga later accompanies Athena and the other Bronze Saints to Sanctuary to fight against the Grand Pope, but first they have to go through the twelve Houses, each guarded by a Gold Saint.

But before they are able to start their journey, Ptolemy attacks Athena and the Bronze Saints with his Phantom Arrow.

After Ptolemy's defeat, the Bronze Saints learn that they have only twelve hours to reach the Pope and bring him back down to Athena in order to remove the arrow, since he is the only one capable of doing it.

And in order to make it in time, they have to pass through all twelve Houses within 12 hours, or Saori will die.

With the promise of saving Athena within those 12 hours, the battle of the twelve Houses begins.

House of Aries

Arriving at the House of Aries, the Bronze Saints find themselves confronted by Mu who is revealed to be a Gold Saint. After a short misunderstanding however, Mu repairs their Cloths in order to reinforce them for the upcoming battles.

House of Taurus

At the House of Taurus, the Bronze Saints tries to rush through, but they are stopped by Aldebaran, the Gold Saint guarding the House. Trying to move forward as Seiya attempts to distract the Gold Saint, the Bronze Saints are instead knocked out seconds later, leaving Seiya to fight the golden bull himself.

As they recover, they feel Seiya's Cosmo and rendezvous with him seconds after he breaks one of Aldebaran's golden horns and is granted victory.

As they try to leave with Seiya, Aldebaran states that only Seiya has defeated him and will be allowed to pass. Having no time to waste, the three Bronze Saints gather their Cosmo in order to freeze Aldebaran's movements, achieving victory as Aldebaran allows them passage as well.

House of Gemini

At the House of Gemini, the Bronze Saints meet up with Seiya who appear at the entrance. Confused at why he's still at the entrance, Seiya informs the others that he did run through and felt that he saw the exit. As they all try together, they arrive once more at the entrance, this time seeing two entrances to the House.

Splitting up, Seiya and Shiryu take one path while Hyoga and Shun take the other path.

While they run, they feel a massive Cosmo, before they finally meet the Gemini Gold Saint who blocks their path. Charging at his opponent, Hyoga's Diamond Dust is reflected by the Gold Saint who is not even moving.

Amazed at the power of the Gold Saint, Hyoga burns his Cosmo and unleash his Aurora Thunder Attack, but that attack is also deflected, knocking Hyoga out after receiving both Diamond Dust and Aurora Thunder Attack reflected by Gemini.

While Hyoga lies unconscious, the Gemini Saint unleash his own attack Another Dimension at the two Bronze Saints, sending them to an infinite space corridor. Shun manages to return to the House with his chains, but he is unable to save Hyoga who disappear in the Another Dimension.

House of Libra

After Shun manages to defeat the Gemini Gold Saint, Hyoga recovers at the House of Libra where he encounters Crystal Saint's master Camus. Failing to have Hyoga raise his fist and fight back against the Gold Saint, Camus sinks the ship where Hyoga's mother lies, in order to have Hyoga finally attack.

As Hyoga feels his mother sinking further down the ocean, the Cygnus retaliates in anger against Camus, but his attacks are easily defeated as Camus is Crystal Saint's master, thus making him the one who created Diamond Dust and Aurora Thunder Attack.

Seeing that Hyoga has failed to awaken his Seventh Sense, Camus unleash his Aurora Execution before trapping Hyoga in an everlasting Freezing Coffin.

Later, the other Bronze Saints arrives after passing through the House of Virgo and find their friend at last, frozen in the coffin. With the aid of the Libra Cloth, Shiryu frees Hyoga from the coffin and Shun remains at the House of Libra to revive him with his Cosmo.

House of Scorpio

Recovering, Hyoga carries Shun who exhausted himself and the two make way the House of Scorpio where Seiya and Shiryu fight a desperate battle against Miro before being easily defeated by the Gold Saint.

Arriving with an unconscious Shun, Hyoga urges the two Bronze Saints to bring Shun and move ahead, freezing Miro's movements with the Kolitso.

As the Bronze Saints leave, Miro easily neutralize the Kolitso, taunting Hyoga that a weak technique like that would never restrain a Gold Saint. Hyoga simply replies with having used it in order to buy some time for his friends.

After a brief conversation, the two Saints clash in what at first seems to be an equal match, with Hyoga managing to freeze Miro.

However, the Gold Saint simply breaks the ice, and before Hyoga can land another blow, he is suddenly struck by pain in his shoulder. Retaliating against Miro, Hyoga is instead inflicted by several more impacts of the Scarlet Needle, receiving 14 of 15 during their battle.

Refusing to give up, even after Miro states he will let Hyoga live due to him being Camus' student, Hyoga retaliates against Miro, seemingly landing a powerful blow.

The impact, however, leaves Miro unharmed due to Hyoga's weakening from the Scarlet Needle. However, as the two Saints decide to end the battle, Hyoga manages to awaken his Seventh Sense and the two clash.

As Miro unleash the Scarlet Needle Antares, Hyoga manages in the last second to launch a Diamond Dust which freeze all of Miro's star points. Although Miro wins with his life due to his Gold Cloth protecting him, he lose the fight against Hyoga.

Hyoga, however, still crawls onward in order to rendezvous with Seiya and the others as he promised. Miro, touched by Hyoga's true loyalty, and realizing that the one the Bronze Saints fight for truly is Athena, he neutralize the effect of the Antares, before allowing Hyoga to move onward.

House of Sagittarius

Regrouping with Seiya, Shiryu and Shun, the Bronze Saints try to pass through the House of Sagittarius, but they instead end up facing several obstacles that prove challenging for them.

They do manage to pass through eventually, finding Aioros' message which says "Young warriors. I entrust Athena to you". With a renewed promise to save their goddess, the Bronze Saints resume and pass through the House.

House of Capricorn

Arriving at the House of Capricorn, the Bronze Saints notice a statue of Athena, handing the legendary sword Excalibur to one of her most loyal warriors, before passing through relatively easy, meeting no resistance inside.

However, the ground starts to split, prompting Shiryu to push the others to the other side, remaining at the House where he meets Shura.

With no other choice, the Bronze Saints resume their journey until they notice Shiryu soaring into the heavens, sacrificing himself in order to defeat Shura.

House of Aquarius

Having little time to mourn Shiryu's sacrifice, the Bronze Saints encounter Camus. Sending Seiya and Shun ahead, Hyoga remains at the House of Aquarius in order to settle things with his master.

Starting of as a one-sided battle, Hyoga's attacks are once more reflected, leaving the Cygnus wounded after each attempt and both his legs frozen. As Camus ask the Bronze Saint about the Absolute Zero, Hyoga remembers Crystal Saint teaching him all the basics of mastering the cold and freezing atoms, informing him of the Absolute Zero at the same time.

Once more being wounded by Camus' lightspeed blows, Hyoga receives the Aurora Execution once more. However, the Bronze Saint stand up this time and retaliates with his Aurora Thunder Attack, which is easily deflected by the Gold Saint who then proceeds to trap Hyoga in the Freezing Coffin once more.

Remembering Shiryu and Shun saving him as well as Shiryu sacrificing himself in order to allow the others to move ahead, Hyoga burns his Cosmo to the maximum, shattering the coffin and surprising Camus's cold Cosmo.

Standing up once more, Hyoga launch a powerful blow at Camus, who retaliates. As the two Saints clash, Camus is surprised to see that Hyoga's coldness equals his own, but soon discovers that Hyoga actually lost consciousness as their coldness clashed.

Hearing Athena's and his friends' voices, Hyoga manages to recover and gathers their energy, shattering his Bronze Cloth before sending the full blast at Camus, which knocks his headgear off and freezes his right shoulderplate, before the two Saints' Cosmo covers the entire House in ice.

As Camus prepares to end the battle with the Aurora Execution, Hyoga suddenly take the same stance as Camus, mimicing the attack. Burning their Cosmo to the maximum, the two Saints clash with their Aurora Execution, which ends in a draw.

Having been overpowered by Hyoga who awakened his Seventh Sense, Camus admits he is proud of Hyoga who has finally mastered the Absolute Zero and made the Aurora Execution an attack of his own, before apologizing moments before he dies of his wounds, although Hyoga almost succumb to his wounds as well.

Statue of Athena

Being revived by Athena, Hyoga joins his goddess as they head onward to the statue of Athena, arriving in time to save Ikki from being killed by Saga.

Burning his Cosmo with Shiryu and Shun, the three Bronze Saints are unsuccesful in dealing Saga any damage and are knocked out by their own attacks reflected.

However, as Seiya stand up, the other Bronze Saints join him in one last attack, transferring their Cosmo to him, allowing him to finally hit Saga and destroy the Gold Saint's evil side.


After the battle against the Gold Saints, with Hyoga's Cloth shattered, and in need of repairs, his Cloth is resurrected by the blood of Miro and receive the endurance of a Gold Cloth.


After Seiya manages to defeat Thor, the Bronze Saints split up in order to find the God Warriors and retrieve their Odin Sapphires which will allow them to use the Balmung Sword in order to destroy the Nibelungen Ring.

During Shiryu's battle with Fenrir, Hyoga encounters the God Warrior Hagen who seems to have a massive Cosmo. Realizing that if he burns his Cosmo to the Seventh Sense, Hagen will not be so hard to handle, impressing the God Warrior as the two combatants' Cosmo clash.

Attacking the God Warrior with his Diamond Dust, Hyoga manages to freeze him but Hagen simply breaks loose from the ice and deflects Hyoga's second attempt with the same technique.

Unleashing his Universe Freezing, Hagen seems to defeat Hyoga by placing him in a large wall of ice, Hyoga simply laughs and breaks free from the ice with little effort.

When Hyoga mentions Freya, Hagen attacks the Cygnus in rage, swearing to kill him in order to please Freya. Once more burning their Cosmo, the two clash as Hyoga use his Aurora Thunder Attack and Hagen retaliates with the Great Ardent Pressure, which to Hyoga's shock is a fire technique.

Revealing that he trained in the cold lands of Asgard and was given the God Robe which allowed control over fire, Hagen retreats into a mysterious cave.

Pursuing the God Warrior, Hyoga notice that the cave is filled with lava and wonders how that is possible in such an icy region as Asgard. Refusing to accept defeat in spite of being in an area which is to hot for him, Hyoga once more challenge Hagen who starts to gain the advantage, due to the intense heat from the lava which seems to have no effect on the God Warrior.

On the verge of defeat, Hyoga is unable to hold of Hagen's assaults and is knocked unconscious despite being able to see the trace of Hagen's attack. Just then, Freya intervines and stand between the two. Hagen reluctantly sends another blast against Freya and Hyoga, but Hyoga quickly swaps sides with Freya, taking the full blast himself as the two are launched against the wall.

Lecturing Hagen for hurting his childhood friend, Hyoga burns his Cosmo to the maximum. Hagen, in retaliation, burns his own Cosmo out of anger for Hyoga daring to tell Freya lies of Asgard being taken by evil.

The two clash once more, with Hyoga awakening his Seventh Sense and using his Aurora Execution, which overpowers Hagen's Great Ardent Pressure, killing him.

Seconds later, Freya recovers and mourns her childhood friend's death and Kiki arrives, before they bury Hagen outside the cave.


Sensing Seiya's Cosmo disappearing, Hyoga heads for the forest where he encounters Alberich who just defeated Seiya and trapped him in an amethyst.

Furious at the God Warrior, Hyoga burns his Cosmo and swears to rescue Seiya and Marin by defeating Alberich. As the God Warrior charge with his Flaming Sword, Hyoga attempts to freeze it with his Diamond Dust, but the attempt is unsuccesful and Alberich easily breaks the ice on his sword, once more charging at Hyoga with several slashes.

As Hyoga attempts to freeze the God Warrior's feet, he is cut in the back by Alberich sword before he use the flames to thaw the ice on his feet. Attacking the Cygnus again, he is instead delievered a punch to the stomach in which he drops his sword.

Fleeing further into the forest with Hyoga in pursuit, Alberich unleash his family technique Nature Unity which grants him the upper hand as Hyoga is unable to fight back against the violent attacks of the trees, and is further wounded by the God Warrior's merciless attacks.

Grievously wounded and unable to fight back, Hyoga is almost defeated by Alberich as he unleash his Amethyst Shield, but he is saved by the timely arrival of Shiryu who engage Alberich in Hyoga's place.

Valhalla Palace

Arriving at the Valhalla Palace along with Seiya, the two Bronze Saints encounter Shun who is struggling against Syd. As Seiya and Syd prepare to clash, Shun intervines and urges them to move ahead while he deals with the God Warrior on his own. Leaving Syd to Shun, the two Bronze Saints move on and encounter a large wall which Seiya easily breaks.

However, the wall suddenly unleash a powerful gust of wind which knock the two unconscious. Recovering from the blast, Hyoga burns his Cosmo and freeze the large pieces of the wall in order to allow Seiya passage. However, the pressure is to much and Hyoga once more collapse, due to being exhausted and wounded.

Later, he reunites with Shun and Ikki who finally managed to defeat Syd and Bud before moving onward to rendezvous with Seiya at the statue of Odin. Refusing to leave their friend behind, Ikki urges Hyoga to stand up and grab his hand, which the Cygnus does.

Statue of Odin

Carried by Shun and Ikki, the three Bronze Saints make way to the statue of Odin, where Siegfried defeats Seiya, prompting Ikki to challenge the God Warrior.

As they witness the brutal battle between the two combatants, they are horrified when Ikki is defeated by Siegfried before the God Warrior attacks the two Bronze Saints and knock them unconscious as well.


Once more standing up after Siegfried gave his life to destroy Sorrento, Hyoga accompanies Shiryu, Shun and Ikki in order to defend Seiya with their lives while he tries to reach the Statue of Odin and ask for the Balmung Sword.


After Hilda's defeat and the destruction of the Nibelungen Ring, the Saints make their way back to Athena, where they find their Goddess unconscious, and they are joyful when they see her standing up, still alive. Although they have a brief moment of reunion, a large wave suddenly strikes the Saints, and as they recover, they notice Athena is gone.

North Pacific Mammoth Pillar

Arriving at the North Pacific Ocean's Mammoth Pillar, Hyoga witness Seiya engage Baian in a final fight, emerging victorius after awakening his Seventh Sense.

When Shiryu rendezvous with them as well, Seiya informs the two that they must destroy all the 7 Mammoth Pillar supporting the ocean in order to rescue Athena.

With that in mind, Shiryu and Hyoga split up, heading for separate Mammoth Pillars.

Antartic Mammoth Pillar

Hyoga arrives at the Arctic Ocean Mammoth Pillar after witnessing the destruction of the Indian Ocean's Mammoth Pillar.

There, he is greeted by Camus. At first, he attacks the Gold Saint as he is convinced Camus died during their battle at the House of Aquarius, but after receiving the Aurora Execution attack, he is convinced that it really is Camus standing in front of him.

However, it is later revealed to be an illusion, and Hyoga is severly wounded.

Arctic Mammoth Pillar

After being revived by Ikki, Hyoga makes his way to the Arctic Mammoth Pillar. Arriving there, Hyoga is met by a cold and powerful Cosmo, meeting the Marina General guarding the Pillar.

Unsure at first who the General was, Hyoga demands that he reveal his face, in which the General does. To Hyoga's shock, the General reveals himself as Isaac, his former training partner from when they were both young.

Now the Marina General protecting the Pillar, Isaac attacks Hyoga mercilessly, no longer caring for the past friendship they had when they were younger. Stating that he is now one of Poseidon's Marina Generals and Hyoga is one of Athena's Saints, they are therefore enemies and only one will emerge alive from the unescapable battle.

Wounding Hyoga's left eye, Isaac later unleash his Aurora Borealis which wounds Hyoga greatly. Not wanting to fight back against his former partner and friend, Hyoga simply allows Isaac to unleash his Cosmo without retaliating.

However, as Hyoga lies unconscious, Kiki arrives with the Libra Cloth and is confronted by Isaac who decide to destroy the Gold Cloth. Refusing to hand it over, Kiki tries to attack Isaac with his psychokinesis, but is easily defeated. Holding tight to the Libra Cloth, Kiki is further wounded as Isaac tries to kill the Appendix.

Standing up once more, Hyoga simply approach Kiki and assures him that he will defeat Isaac and then destroy the Mammoth Pillar. Retaliating against the General with his Diamond Dust, Hyoga starts to equal Isaac's strength due to reaching the Seventh Sense, blocking the Aurora Borealis before his Cloth turns golden, due to the Cloth having been revived by Miro's blood and Cosmo.

Neutralizing Isaac's attack, Hyoga burns his Cosmo to the Seventh Sense and unleash his Aurora Execution, with Isaac retaliating once more with the Aurora Borealis. During the two ice warriors' final clash, Hyoga's Cosmo manage to overpower Isaac, damaging his Scale and grievously wounding him.

With Isaac dying, he reveals the true mastermind behind Poseidon's plans as a man they all knew well. Shocked at hearing who that man was, Hyoga asks Isaac further but to no avail, with Isaac having succumbed to his wounds.

Throne Room of Poseidon

When Hyoga arrives at the throne room later, he witness a defeated Seiya and Shiryu who is struggling against Poseidon. Before he is able to attack, Poseidon tries to kill Hyoga, but Shiryu steps between, blocking the blast with his shield before breaking due to the massive impact, wounding the three Bronze Saints and breaking their Cloths.

Gathering his Cosmo into Seiya's arrow as he is given the Sagittarius Cloth along with Shiryu, Shun and Shaina, they are finally able to hit Poseidon for the first time, before heading to the Main Breadwinner.

Main Breadwinner

Reaching the Main Breadwinner, Hyoga receives the Aquarius Cloth to help Seiya and Shiryu fight Poseidon, using his Aurora Execution in order to stun him temporarily while trying to destroy the Main Breadwinner. After several failed attempts, Hyoga and Shiryu launch Seiya at the Main Breadwinner before burning their Cosmo, surpassing Poseidon and sealing him at last.


With the battle against Poseidon won, peace roam the world, until the seal that has held Hades and his 108 Specters for 243 years wears out, and thus, a new Holy War begins between Athena and her Saints against Hades and his Specters.

Hyoga makes his appearance when the former Silver Saints Misty, Babel and Moses arrives in Siberia as resurrected Specters to kill him, but are easily killed by his strong Cosmo when he unleash his Aurora Thunder Attack.

However, despite being given new life by Hades, the former Silver Saints entrust Athena to him and his friends before dying.

House of Aries

Hyoga decides to travel to the Sanctuary and find out what is going on. After meeting Shun, they are confronted by Shaina who challenges them as they have no business to be in the Sanctuary.

Responding with his own Cosmo, Hyoga and Shun are instead allowed to resume as Shaina turns her back, realizing their warm and strong Cosmo.

When they arrive at the House of Aries, they find it damaged after a great Cosmo explosion which is the result after the battle between Shion and Dohko.

They are reunited with Shiryu moments later who mistakes them for enemies briefly, before they finally find Seiya, making way to Athena.

House of Virgo

When they arrive at the House of Virgo along with Aioria, they are grieved by the loss of Shaka after the battle against the three former Gold Saints who used the Athena Exclamation. As the three former Gold Saints reveal themselves to Aioria, Mu and the Bronze Saints, Miro arrives and after a brief confrontation, the Gold Saints and the former Gold Saints clash with the Athena Exclamation.

However, the Bronze Saints manage to neutralize the clash after burning their Cosmo to the limit beyond the Seventh Sense, with Hyoga using his Diamond Dust in order to send the Athena Exclamation to the sky where it explodes, leaving the Sanctuary unharmed.

Statue of Athena

Recovering from the blast, the Bronze Saints try their best to reach the statue of Athena, but due to being exhausted and wounded from the confrontation at the House of Virgo, they are unable to make it in time, feeling Athena's Cosmo disappear as she takes her own life.

When they arrive at the statue, they notice the golden dagger and Athena's blood, lamenting on being useless. Just then, Shion arrives and insults the Bronze Saints in being useless and only Saints in title. Attacking the former Pope with their remaining strength, the four Bronze Saints are easily defeated.

Listening to what Shion has to say, the Bronze Saints realize that even in death the Saints would never betray Athena and all their actions so far was in order for Athena to prepare herself to defeat Hades in the underworld.

Using Athena's blood, Shion restores Athena's Cloth which will be crucial for Athena if she is to win the Holy War. As he informs the Bronze Saints to defeat Hades, he bestows their Bronze Cloths with the same blood, awakening to their most powerful form.

Before leaving to assist the Gold Saints who have traveled ahead to Hades' earthly Castle, Shion entrust Athena and the world's safety to them.

Hades' Castle

Arriving at the castle, they challenge Rhadamanthys, one of the three Judges of the underworld, but the Gold Saints sends them ahead as they are no match for the Wyvern. Sacrificing themselves, the Gold Saints launch their final techniques at Rhadamanthys, but all three of them are defeated. When the Bronze Saints encounter Shura, Saga and Camus who are slowly dying due to their temporarily life reaching an end, Hyoga kills Zelos with the Aurora Execution in retaliation for the Specter stomping on his master.

Hearing a harp, they rush to see who's playing, and notice Rhadamanthys unharmed, who states that he has eliminated the three Gold Saints. Refusing to let the Judge mock the Gold Saints and wanting revenge for their comrades, the Bronze Saints charge at the Specter, but they are all easily defeated one by one.

Refusing to let him kill Seiya, the Bronze Saints once more burn their Cosmo and attack the Judge, but he retaliates with the Greatest Caution, knocking them all unconscious. As Seiya plunge down to the underworld with Rhadamanthys, the other Bronze Saints recover.

The Underworld

Preparing to follow Seiya into the underworld, the Bronze Saints are interrupted by the arrival of Dohko who informs them of the Eight Sense which is neccesary in order to reach the underworld without being subject to its laws. Believing them able to reach that Cosmo due to their previous battles, Dohko urge them to burn their Cosmo and believe in themselves.

Teaming up with Shiryu and eventally Kanon, the Saints charge through the prisons, one by one, defeating all Specters in their way.


Upon reaching a large river which they have to cross, the Saints are confronted by the ferryman Phlegyas. Realizing that the only way to cross the river is by defeating him, Shiryu and Hyoga unleash their Rozan Sho Ryu Ha and Diamond Dust in order to finish the battle quickly.

However, the Specter easily grabs both Bronze Saints' attacks before retaliating with his Howling Inferno which knocks out Shiryu and Hyoga.

Eventually, when they recover and notice they have crossed the river, they realize that Kanon must have saved them before resuming their journey.

Regrouping with Kanon, the Saints encounter Rhadamanthys who informs them that Shun has revealed himself as Hades. Trying to eliminate the Bronze Saints, the Judge is interrupted by Kanon who sends Shiryu and Hyoga ahead.

The Wall of Grief

The two Bronze Saints finally reach Giudecca moments after Kanon sacrifice himself in order to kill Rhadamanthys, where they rendezvous with Seiya and Shun again as all twelve Gold Saints revive, resulting in a warm reunion with their comrades.

Urging the Bronze Saints to leave, the Gold Saints sacrifice themselves to destroy the Wall of Grief. While waiting, they face Minos who easily defeats them all, but before he can kill the Bronze Saints, the Gold Saints attack the Wall of Grief, and the explosion eliminates them, wounds Minos and destroys the wall.

Returning to the site and noticing the Gold Saints are gone, the Bronze Saints mourn their comrades' deaths before moving onward to Elysium. While Shiryu stays behind to check out something, the other Bronze Saints make haste to Elysium, arriving at a large hyperdimension.


Preparing to jump, Hyoga is stopped by Minos who survived the explosion. Facing the Judge in order to buy Seiya and Shun time to reach Elysium, Hyoga unleash his Diamond Dust which is easily reflected, and his headgear is shattered in the process.

Hyoga then suffers Minos' Cosmic Marionetion which leaves him unable to move. While Seiya and Shun approaches Elysium, however, Hyoga reveals that he deliberately allowed Minos to unleash his Cosmic Marionetion.

Breaking free from Minos' attack, Hyoga reaches his Eight Sense and wounds the Judge with his Aurora Excution.

Jumping after Seiya and Shun, Hyoga notice one of Minos' strings still attached and watches in shock as Minos is pulverized by the atmosphere, realizing that their Cloths born from the blood of Athena protects them.

As Minos is vaporized to dust, Hyoga waits for Shiryu to arrive, later taking flight with the Dragon to Elysium after sprouting his Cygnus wings.



In Elysium, he is the fourth Bronze Saint to arrive in Elysium where he tries in vain to defeat Thanatos who easily deflects his attack and damages Hyoga's and Shiryu's Cloths.

Despite being given the Gold Cloths to fight with, they are also easily destroyed and they are left without hope.

However, they are shocked when Seiya is clad in new armor revealed to be a God Cloth, which finally allows him to kill Thanatos.


When Hypnos stands in Seiya's way, Shun attempts to fight the god of sleep, but is defeated. Drawing Hypnos' attention, Shiryu and Hyoga also awaken their God Cloths, before charging at the god with the Excalibur and Aurora Thunder Attack.

However, he deflects their attacks, and the Bronze Saints seems close to defeat too from his Eternal Drowsiness, but they manage to evade his attack and retaliate with the Rozan Sho Ryu Ha and the Diamond Dust, defeating Hypnos.


When they hear a loud explosion, Hypnos taunts them about their unescapable fate as he succumbs to his wounds. Rushing to the grave of Hades, they arrive in time to help Seiya and Ikki fight Hades, but they are all reflected with no effort by the god of the underworld.

However, when Seiya sacrifice himself to defend Athena, the other Bronze Saints gather their Cosmo to Athena and they are able to finally destroy the god of the Underworld and claim victory in the Holy War.

As a Legendary Saint

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Powers and Abilities

Speed of Sound

Being a Bronze Saint, Hyoga is able to launch attacks at Mach 1, the speed of sound. Ordinary humans are unable to see what just happened, although other Saints of higher rank are able to see it clearly.

Speed of Light

Upon reaching the Seventh Sense and later Eight Sense, Hyoga's attacks become so fast that even a Gold Saint is unable to see the attack before it reaches him, thus travelling at 300 000 km/s, maybe even surpassing that speed.


Hyoga's Cosmo allows him to control ice and freeze his opponents. Although Hyoga begins his journey as a Bronze Saint, he has been able to fight on the same level as a Gold Saint, due to achieving the Seventh Sense, which he succesfully awakens while fighting against Gold Saints Miro and Camus.

He has also achieved the Eight Sense, allowing him to go to the underworld without being subject to it's laws.

Whenever he burns his Cosmo, Hyoga is surrounded by a white aura.


Diamond Dust

Hyoga concentrates his Cosmo into one punch with a huge coldness and freezing his opponent. The blow concentrates wind and ice into one, single point.

Aurora Thunder Attack

Hyoga unleash three waves of coldness to the air before clasping his hands together, unleashing powerful waves of ice and snow at the opponent.

Kalitso (Frozen Ring)

Hyoga traps his opponent in a ring of ice that immobilize him, leaving the opponent unable to move.

Freezing Coffin

Although not as powerful as Camus', Hyoga creates a wall of ice which is said to be unbreakable by even all twelve Gold Saints, although it is easily destroyed in one hit by Minos.

Aurora Execution

Hyoga's strongest attack. Similar to the Aurora Thunder Attack, he clasps his hands together and covers his enemy in snow and ice. He learns this attack when he battles Camus in the House of Aquarius, where he reaches his Seventh Sense.

Cloths he has worn during his journey


  • Several times during Hyoga's battles, the swan has one blue eye and one red.
  • During the battle against Poseidon, the Aquarius Cloth equips itself on Hyoga. While that happens, the leg armor of the Gold Cloth wrap themselves over the leg armor from his shattered Bronze Cloth.
  • Among the main characters, Hyoga is one of the five Bronze Saints who receive a color change on his outfit (blue, later white)