The Cygnus Cloth is one of the 48 Bronze Cloths worn by the weakest of Athena's Saints. After vicious training in the cold regions of Siberia, Hyoga is finally awarded the Cygnus Cloth after breaking the massive wall of ice containing it.

His Cloth has seen a few changes during his vicious battles in order to defend Athena and the world.

Version 1Edit

Hyoga's first Cloth has a white color and offers leg protection up to the knees, a kilt to protect his waist, the chesplate covers his upper chest, a headgear with the shape of a swan covers his head and his lower arms are halfway guarded.

On his left arm is a shield with good defence properties, although not as strong as Shiryu's shield. The swan on the headgear has a yellow beak and red eyes.

Version 2Edit

Hyoga's second Cloth covers less of his body. The leg protection covers half of his lower legs, the kilt has been replaced by a belt, while the rest of the Cloth offers the same decent amount protection as before.

This new Cloth has been reborn by the blood and Cosmo of Miro, making Hyoga's Cloth as durable and powerful as a Gold Cloth.

Whenever he reaches his Seventh Sense, the Cloth changes into a golden color, further enhancing his Cosmo.

Version 2 (Damaged)

When Hyoga arrives at the Sanctuary along with Shun, he equips his Cloth which is severly damaged from the battle against Poseidon, and several cracks are visible all over the Cloth.

After the battle at the House of Virgo, Hyoga's Cloth is further damaged, removing his headgear..

Version 3Edit

Hyoga's Cloth reborn by Athena's blood once more covers the young Cygnus Saint. His body is more protected, the belt becomes a small kilt that covers both sides and his back on the waist, the chestplate changes in design, and the legs receive more protection.

On the way to Elysium, Hyoga discovers that his Cloth has wings, which he uses to bring himself and Shiryu onward, to rendezvous with Seiya and Shun.