Crystal Saint
Crystal Saint is Hyoga's mentor and the one who taught Hyoga about freezing atoms to a point where they would shatter, without having to use force. He is also the student of Camus, one of the twelve Gold Saints defending Sanctuary.


As he travels to Sanctuary seeking audience with the Pope, he attracts the attention of the Sanctuary guards, Phaeton and Gigas. Refusing to leave until he sees the Pope, the soldiers attack him, only to be easily defeated by the Saint. As the Pope arrives, he brainwashes Crystal Saint, instructing him to build pyramids in Siberia, and kill Hyoga and the other Bronze Saints.


As Hyoga later arrives in Siberia, Crystal Saint attacks Hyoga but he flees as he does not have his Cloth. When Hyoga arrives at the pyramid site, he rescues the civillians before facing Crystal Saint in a battle with Crystal Saint having the upper hand, until Seiya arrives to rescue Hyoga. Refusing to accept defeat, Hyoga tells Seiya to stay out of the fight, eventually defeating Crystal Saint and removes the control of the Pope over him. In a last attempt, Crystal Saint destroys the pyramids before succumbing to his wounds.


Diamond Dust: Crystal Saint concentrates his Cosmo into one punch with a huge coldness and freezing his opponent. The blow concentrates wind and ice into one, single point. Being Hyoga's master, he is more advanced in using this technique, effectively freezing dozens of opponents in one strike.


Crystal Saint wears the Crystal Cloth. It covers the same amount as a Silver Cloth would, but since not much is known about his rank, it's hard to say what kind of Cloth it is. It is most likely a Silver Cloth due to him being Hyoga's master, possessing a powerful Cosmo, and the silver-like color on his Cloth.

He is seen wearing a large fabric cape at times, removing it the few times it is seen.