Crow Jamian
Jamian is the Crow Silver Saint tasked by the Pope to retrieve Athena and kill the Bronze Saints if they interfere.


Jamian has dark blue hair, no eyebrows black eyes and sharp teeth

A black outfit visible while wearing his Cloth, while his casual outfit is not revealed, as his apperance is pretty short.


Jamian is a twisted Saint, behaving similar to a crow in his attacks, laughing almost everytime he speaks, and is a ruthless Saint in battle.



He makes his first appearance when the crows deliever Athena to him, only to be ambushed by Seiya a few moments later as he is about to grab Athena. The two battle, and Jamian buries Seiya with the "Black Wing Terror", only for the Pegasus to blast the feathers away, before noticing the crows taking Athena away.

He manages to rescue her, but breaks his hands in the proccess. Now surrounded by Jamian and Shaina who has arrived to kill Seiya, he instead jumps down the mountain, wounding himself further.


When Jamian and Shaina pursue the next day, Jamian tries to get Athena, but she burns her Cosmo, turning the crows against Jamian. Shocked and furious, he decides to kill Athena instead, but he is stopped by the timely arrival of Shun and Hyoga.


As Hyoga fights Shaina, Shun launches his chain at a confused Jamian, who tumbles towards the gap of the mountain, falling to his death.


Despite being a Silver Saint, Jamian is not that strong as seen when his "Black Wing Terror" barely does anything to Seiya. He also seem to really fear Shaina who is of similar rank as he is.


Black Wing Terror: Jamian unleash dozens of feathers which his crows drop on the enemy, which eventually leaves the opponent with such a heavy pressure that they are unable to move.


Jamian wears the Crow Silver Cloth, which covers a decent amount of his body. It has a variation of silver, along with a few black and red stripes.