Dante Specter
Dante is the former Cerberus Silver Saint who died in battle against Shun, now resurrected as a Specter.


After his resurrection from Hades, he now has more pale blonde hair, pale skin and an almost black suit beneath his Cloth.


Dante is a ruthless Specter who is easily angered if his opponent keep struggling against him.


Dante appears along with Argol and Capella as they attempt to claim the life of Dohko, but instead find Shiryu. Attacking the blind Bronze Saint, the Specters easily beat him to the ground, until Shiryu stands up and defeat all three of them at once with his Sho Ryu Ha.


KouTetsuKyuu KouGeki: Dante launches out his great steel ball chains and wrap them around his enemy. He can then do whatever he want with them.


Dante wears the Cerberus Surplice. It covers the same amount of his body as his Silver Cloth, leaving the upper arms and most of the middle part of his chest unprotected.