Cerberus Dante

Dante is the Cerberus Silver Saint sent to destroy the Bronze Saints.


Dante has dark blonde hair and eyebrows, and green eyes

A dark green outfit is visible while wearing his Cloth.

During his short appearance, his casual clothing is not revealed.


Dante is a ruthless Saint, who is easily angered if his opponent keep fighting against him.


He and Capella ambush Hyoga and Shun, defeating them with little effort. But then Ikki arrives, and Capella tries to finish him. Dante fights Ikki right after he delievered a strange punch to Capella, leaving the Cerberus alone against the Phoenix.

However, in spite of Ikki being a Bronze Saint, his raw power places him among most Silver Saints, and he manages to give Dante a rough beating without sustaining any damage himself.

Dante is not a Saint who surrenders that easily and tries once more to finish him, but Shun intervenes and asks him to observe the strength of Ikki's little brother this time.

He underestimates the Andromeda Saint once again, but is killed as Shun surpass him easily.


Iron Chain Ball: Dante launches out his great steel ball chains and wrap them around his enemy. He can then do whatever he want with them. He uses this technique on Shun and Hyoga and later tries to kill Ikki with this technique as well. But the Bronze Saint easily destroys his technique and knocks him out. The final time he use this technique is against Shun who completely shatters his chain before killing the Silver Saint.


Dante wears the Cerberus Silver Cloth. It covers a decent amount of his body, leaving the upper arms and most of the middle part of his chest unprotected. The Cloth has a fine color of blue with black stripes.