Canis Major Sirius
Sirius is the Canis Major Silver Saint and one of the three Silver Saints along with Dio and Algethi to make sure Aioria kills Seiya and retrieves the Gold Cloth.


Sirius has dark-blue hair and black eyes.

A dark blue outfit is visible while wearing his Cloth.


Sirius has a very serious attitude, serving as the leader of the three Silver Saints.

Sanctuary Arc.

When Aioria decides to spares Seiya, the three Silver Saints reveal themselves and attack Seiya mercilessly, almost killing the Bronze Saint. However, all of a sudden, the Sagittarius Cloth wraps itself around Seiya, and he easily kills all three of them at once before engaging Aioria.


Being a Silver Saint, Sirius is able to launch attacks at a speed between Mach 2 and Mach 5, easily surpassing the Mach 1 speed a Bronze Saint is capable of.


Sirius wears the Canis Major Silver Cloth which covers a moderate amount of his body. It has a dark grey color with dark red stripes.