Black Cygnus
Black Cygnus is Hyoga's evil counterpart, sharing the same appearance as Hyoga but with a black and evil color. He is one of the four Black Saint Kings serving Ikki during his quest to steal the Gold Cloth.


Sharing almost the same appearance as Hyoga, Black Cygnus has almost black blonde hair. His eyes seem to be more grey like his fellow Black Saints.

His casual clothes has not been revealed, but he wears a completely black outfit while wearing his Cloth.

Black Saints

Shun and Hyoga

As Shun walks in the forest where Ikki used to train when they were younger, a powerful Cosmo of coldness ambush Shun and attack him in wild frenzy. The assailant reveals himself as the Black Cygnus who resumes his attacks against the defenseless Andromeda. However, before he can deal the final blow, his hand is frozen and he turns around to witness Hyoga having arrived.

As the two Cygnus Saints engage in battle, Black Cygnus seemingly defeats Hyoga with his "Black Blizzard", but the Bronze Saint easily breaks free from the attack before retaliating with his "Diamond Dust", freezing Black Cygnus' right foot. However, Hyoga is unable to deal the final blow as the three other Black Saint Kings arrive at the scene, forcing him to retreat.


The two Cygnus Saints once again clash at Death Valley shortly after Black Pegasus' defeat. Once again unleashing the "Black Blizzard", Black Cygnus is horrified as Hyoga is unaffected before immobilizing him with the "Kolitso".

Unable to move, he faces the full impact of Hyoga's new "Aurora Thunder Attack", but he manages to send his Cosmo to Ikki shortly before he dies from his wounds, succesfully informing Ikki of Hyoga's strongest attack.


Being one of the four strongest Black Saints, Black Cygnus' Cosmo may rival the Cosmo of the Bronze Saints, maybe even surpassing them slightly. He also seem to be the weakest among the Kings though, as he is unable to deal Hyoga any severe damage, facing defeat at their first confrontation and death at their final battle.


Black Blizzard: Black Cygnus unleash a violent wave of black snow and ice against his opponents, freezing them in place in a black shell of ice. The full effects of the attack is not seen as Hyoga breaks free the first time, and is completely unaffected the second time.


Black Cygnus wears the exact same Cloth as Hyoga, although this carries an evil appearance with its black color. It covers the same amount as Hyoga's Cloth, but the outfit he is wearing beneath his Cloth also features sleeves on his arms, which Hyoga's blue outfit does not.


  • During Black Cygnus and Hyoga's second confrontation, the sleeves on his arms suddenly disappear.
  • Black Cygnus is the first of the four Black Saint Kings to reveal himself.