Black Andromeda
Black Andromeda is Shun's evil counterpart, sharing the same appearance and Cloth as Shun, only with a dark and evil color. He is one of the four Black Saint Kings serving Ikki during his quest to steal the Gold Cloth.


Black Andromeda's haircolor is a much darker color than Shun, and his eyebrow share the same color. His eyes share a dark blue color.

His casual clothes has not been seen, but while wearing his Cloth, he wears a completely black outfit.

Black Saints


After Black Cygnus' defeat against Hyoga, Shun hears a bell ringing close to him. He then notice Seiya's Cloth and Seiya further down the cliff. About to rescue Seiya, he is also captured by Black Andromeda who reveals himself, informing the Bronze Saint about the Black Terror that is slowly draining Seiya's life away. Mocking the Andromeda for his softness, the Black Andromeda unleash dozens of vicious attacks with his chains in order to force Shun to let go of Seiya, to which Shun refuses.

As Black Dragon appears, he pressures his comrade to deal with Shun swiftly, to which the Black Saint complies by unleashing his true technique, transforming his black chains to snakes which bite and strangle Shun. As Seiya sacrifice himself by breaking the chain holding him, Black Andromeda is shocked to see Shun breaking free from the chains before easily killing him with his own "Nebula Chain", shattering his Black Cloth in the proccess.


Being one of the four strongest Black Saints, Black Pegasus' Cosmo may rival the Cosmo of the Bronze Saints, maybe even surpassing them slightly. He seems to be stronger than Shun, due to his more vicious nature surpassing Shun's gentle and caring personality.


Although he has not revealed any special technique, Black Andromeda's chains can take the form of dozens of black snakes which strangle and bites their victim, slowly draining his life away.


Black Andromeda wears the exact same Cloth as Shun, although this carries an evil appearance with its black color. It covers the same amount as Shun's Cloth, but the outfit he wears beneath his Cloth also feature sleeves covering his arms, unlike Shun's green outfit.