Auriga Capella
Capella is the Auriga Silver Saint sent to destroy the Bronze Saints and recover Athena for the Pope.


Capella has red hair and eyebrows, and brown eyes.

A dark red outfit visible while wearing his Cloth because, due to his short appearance, his casual outfit is not shown.


Unlike his fellow comrade Dante, Capella is more calm but still violent enough in combat.

He seems happy when he easily handles Hyoga, but is upset when Shun interferes with his chains.



He and Dante ambush Hyoga and Shun, defeating them with little effort. But then Ikki arrives, and Capella tries to finish him, only to be struck by the Bronze Saint's "Genma Ken".

When he recovers after Dante has been knocked out, Capella throws his saucer at Ikki, seemingly killing him.

However, he is somehow able to still move, horrifying the Silver Saint. As the saucer instead returns and decapitate his hands and shatters his Cloth, Capella is unable to understand what's happening.

When Ikki reveals what has happened, his original saucer returns, striking him in the chest and killing him.


Capella is a Silver Saint, and is thus able to launch attacks at a speed varying between Mach 2 and Mach 5, easily surpassing a Bronze Saint's Mach 1 speed.


Saucer: Capella throws a saucer at his opponent. He use one at first against Hyoga to test the Bronze Saint before unleashing his true power in form of a multiple barrage of saucer-disks.

Although Shun deflects most of them with his chains, it's still not enough to repel the Silver Saint's attack.


Capella wears the Auriga Silver Cloth. It features saucer-disks on his hips and his Cloth has a dark grey/blue color with black stripes on his shoulders.


  • In spite the Auriga Cloth being a Silver Cloth, it covers almost the same as a Bronze Cloth, with the bracers, chestplate, belt and leggings covering partially the same amount as Hyoga's Bronze Cloth.